Download customizable files designed for websites and social media. They can be edited in Adobe Photoshop or InDesign CC or used as-is. Swap in your distance regulations or guidelines and wildlife. You can thank us by simply letting us know how you use these!


To help you craft copy/text for your website, we’re sharing Word files containing the content we used for this campaign. Feel free to use whatever you’d like from it and adapt it to your park’s context. We recommend building two pages:

  1. One on how to view and photograph wildlife: People planning their trip looking for what to do in the park will be motivated to visit this page.
  2. The second on wildlife safety: People who are more risk-averse and interested in educating themselves will be more likely to visit this page.

Both pages should link to one another to increase the likelihood people are exposed to both sets of information.

Website Image Files

Examples of the web pages from our test parks

Social Media

For your social media post copy/text, refer to the social media plans (Word files) for each of our test parks:

You can right-click and save the files you see displayed below if you want to use them as-is. Or, you can download the zip file containing all the native files (psd and indd format) for editing.

Campaign Graphic


Download the artwork file, edit (if needed), and export for web as a png file in Illustrator.

Suggested post text: A great park experience starts with the safe distance from wildlife. We think a long-distance relationship is the best kind of relationship because it allows you to stay safe and give wildlife the space they need. For more on how to view wildlife in our park, go to: [link to wildlife safety web page]


Memes with wildlife puns and/or plays on the concepts of relationships

Download native files for:

Photography Tips

Download photography tips social media 120MB (Rawlinson font will be substituted)

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