Download customizable files designed for print. We have posters/signs of various sizes and a rack card. Swap in your distance regulations or guidelines and wildlife. They can be edited in Adobe InDesign CC. You can thank us by simply letting us know how you use these!

About These Files

They were developed within the National Park Service (NPS) brand identity standards (including the templates for print media). Logos have been removed and NPS fonts have been substituted for similar defaults. Entities and individuals who are not with NPS are not permitted to use the likeness of the NPS logo. We recommend using the artwork for this campaign within any templates/park brand identity standards you have.

If you are working for and intending to use these in a national park, you can contact us for the files with the NPS identity. Contact Sara Melena from your NPS email address with your request:

Need help or advice on how to use these files? Go to our help page.

Images shown below are samples based on our test parks. Click them for enlargement.

24″ x 36″ Poster (suitable for display on sandwich boards)

24 by 36-inch poster




11″ x 17″ Poster





11″ x 8.5″ Flyer/Poster








8.5″ x 11″ Flyer/Poster


Sorry, other versions are unavailable, but you could copy-paste the desired wildlife (or embed from other files) from the other print media files.





4″ x 9″ Rack Card (double-sided)

4x9_rackcard1 4x9_rackcard2





4″ x 4″ Sticker


What if I need other wildlife not shown in any of the files?

Contact Katie Abrams with your request* because we have numerous vector files/images of wildlife (including land and sea life) that we can share with your individually, but cannot post publicly. Several sites offer wildlife silhouette graphics for free and for purchase. Here’s the sources we used for this project:

*Sorry, we cannot design any materials for you. We can only send you the wildlife graphics, if we happen to have what you are looking for.

Want to make something else you don’t see here?

View and download the artwork files.

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